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Elodie & Basile
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More about Perrier and colorblind collaboration here.
Theodore Bajard, co-founder of Artolease
Nanae Yamamoto, Senior Manager at TamaHome (Cambodia) Ltd.‪
Kouy Chandanich, two piece purple suit (off collection)
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Sano Hironori, Chef of TamaHome Cambodia
Stewart, Creative Director at Established
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Mr. Daisuke Takai, Director of TamaHome Cambodia
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Emmanuel and his son Jules wearing colorblind

Who made your clothes ?
Producing high-end pieces takes time, team cohesion and proper working conditions. colorblind collections are created in small family run workshops in Phnom Penh. Every single piece is the result of a belief in long term and personal relationships both within the supply chain and clients.
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